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Kaili Smith / Tymon Ferenc de Laat | Sober Collective
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Kaili Smith / Tymon Ferenc de Laat

Kaili Smith Solo Exhibition ‘Reflection of our Times I’ / Sculpture presentation

by Tymon Ferenc de Laat 24th – July 2nd

Opening Reception Wednesday 24th of May. 6-11pm

About the exhibition

We are pleased to present ‘Reflection of our Times I’ by Kaili Smith. In his latest series of paintings (“Reflections of our times”) Kaili looks how modern day pop culture reflect on our lives and todays events in society. Each painting is of a person or scenirio relevent to now. On each painting is a text. All these quotes are lines from songs coming from pop(ular) culture music. Kaili Smith adresses a wide range of social aswell as more personal issues in these paintings.

Kaili Smith is the winner of the latest edition of the Sober Talent Contest. He earns his spot during the last Sober Street Art Exhibition next to other great artists. We are looking forward to welcome you and to see the work of this young talented artist

Alongside the solo exhibition of Kaili Smith, Tymon Ferenc de Laat a urban contemporary artist from Rotterdam will present his sculpture he has worked for the last year inspired by the painting “More than meets the eye”. This prototype is the first step to a series of 10 greater sculptures that has the aim to be produced and exhibited in harbour related cities around the world.

The preview at Sober Collective is the first and only opportunity to see the prototype before it is shipped off to Singapore where it will meet its investors.


Available Works