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Sober Street Art Exhibtion December | Sober Collective
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Sober Street Art Exhibtion December





Sober Street Art Exhibtion

TelmoMiel, Deih, Natalia Rak,
Hugo Mulder DHM, Nuno Viegas

December 23th – February 3rd

About the Exhibition
While the end of the year is near, we organized our last exhibition to end this amazing year. On Friday the 23th of December we launched our 2nd edition of the ‘Sober Street Art Exhibition’. This edition we showed artworks from various high profile Street Art artists from around the globe.
Besides TELMO MIEL and Hugo Mulder (National), DEIH and Natalia Rak(International) joined the groupshow at our gallery, and last but not least. The winner of the Sober Talent Contest, Nuno Viegas deserved a spot at this great selection of artists during the groupshow.


Natalia Rak
Her beautiful murals show up all around the world. This Polish artist’s colours glow with an intensity that’s a fresh breath to the Street Art scene. Her artworks combine a focus of female imagery and wonderful compositions.

Born in 1986, this young female artist is quickly being recognized in Polish contemporary art circles. She has been featured at „Walk and Talk Festival“ on Madeira Island, „No Name Festival“ in France, „Stroke Art Fair“ and „Art Whino“ just to name a few.

She won the „Artbattles” in New York. Her mural „The legend of giants“ was voted as one of the Top 5 urban art pieces created in 2013, next to artworks from Banksy and JR. We are glad that she is in our groupshow.


Hugo Mulder DHM
This painter, street artist and graphic designer from Amsterdam started doing graffiti in ʼ84 – graphic design in ʼ90 – and back to the streets with stickers, paste-ups and mural painting in 2001. He creates hand painted canvases showing the timeless unity between word and image. The last 4 years though he is mostly focussing on the female body shape in a new line driven abstract figurative style.


A talented Spanish street artist. His works vary in style and have been evolving since the 90’s. The charisma in his art seems to be the motion he manages to bring out from his comic inspired characters. His works have been seen in museums and galleries as Muvim, Museu del Centre del Carme Sala Josep Renau (UPV), UNAM (Mexico DF), AVART, Crewest Gallery (LA), The Fridge (Washington DC) and at festivals like Poliniza, Mislatas represent, Poliniza Mexico, Partidet, Valencia burns, and many more places.

To this day, despite his success, he moves around the streets and in underground dens from now as he did 20 years ago.


Nuno Viegas
Portuguese Visual Artist born in Faro (1985), raised in Quarteira and currently based in Rotterdam – Netherlands. With graffiti as root and inspired by the street/urban subcultures his multidisciplinary artwork is a constant research on different subjects, materials and media. Nuno started painting on canvas after he moved to Rotterdam (2015) and is now looking forward to go back to the streets to do murals to apply the new style developed while painting on canvas.

Available Works