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Sober Street Art Exhibition March





Sober Street Art Exhibtion
Sebas Velasco, Vesod, Bier&Brood, Kaili Smith
March 17th – April 28th

About the Exhibition
For this edition once more we chose to combine international top Street Artists with upcoming national Street Artists from Rotterdam. The ‘Sober Street Art Exhibtion’ groupshow will be visible at Sober Collective in Rotterdam, from March 17th 2017 to April 28th 2017.

The following artists are joining the groupshow:


Vesod was born in Turin in 1981 and he lives and works in a Venaria Reale (TO. His artistic attitude has been fostered by his father Dovilio Brero, surrealistic painter, whose influence had an impact on Vesod since his youth: he has been therefore developing an interest in the graffiti world since the beginning of the 90s.
Due to the artistic partnerships and contacts which Vesod has started in those teenager years, he has lately begun his professional path. He has been seeking for a personal painting language in which the graffiti plays a central role for ten years, while dedicating time to his own cultural and academic education.
By concentrating on this aspect, a complete overview on the idea of a total embrace of things from birth to death could emerge from the works. It could be said that the artistic works, on a figurative basis, refer to “a God’s point of view”


Sebas Velasco
Sebas Velasco has drawn since he was a small child, but it was in 2004 when he began painting graffiti on the walls of his home town. Afterwards, he moved to Bilbao where he graduated in Fine Arts, getting in touch with and specializing in painting. Sebastian Velasco deals with an enviable technique naturalism. His “canvases” are mainly the walls and tables. Materials used are oil, acrylic, spray and pencils.
During all these years, Sebas has maintained a continuous activity on the streets, painting walls in different Spanish and European cities. It is on the streets where he finds inspiration for his studio work. Thereby in “Public Provocations” show, he begins with graffiti writers in action and broadens his attention then to other concepts around it, such as Street-culture, architecture or nightlife.


Bier en Brood
Bier & Brood consists of Koen Harmsma and Jelmer Noordeman, both graduated in Illustration at Willem de Kooning Art Academy in 2010. Inspired by machines, nature and architecture, they possess a unique style, often interpreted as sinister and apocalyptic. In addition to making highly detailed pen drawings, they know what to do with spray-cans and paint. Their motto: the bigger the better..
 Although their passion lies within the unconventional, they strive to represent a broad spectrum of art, always aiming for artistic authenticity.


Kaili Smith (Winner Sober Talent Contest)
Kaili Smith is a promising young visual artist, coming from a diverse family. He was Born in the Netherlands (1995) and raised in Australia. He now lives in The Netherlands  & New York.
The latest solo exhibition “Not to be titled’ was exhibited at GO gallery Amsterdam in 2016, “Not to be titled” is a collection of works about the growing diversity in our society. Through life size paintings which look past cultural stereo types, we look into the true personality and energy of a wide mix of people from different backgrounds, ages & gender.
Adding on to the solo shows, In 2017 Kaili won the Sober Collective Talent contest, which gave him a spot in a group show with international artists “Vesod” and Sebas Velasco.