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Sober Collective
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Sober Collective - Art | Design | Music | Clothing and more ..


We are Sober Collective and we’re located in Rotterdam, but our playground is the world. Sober Collective is a household of different companies in the creative sector with the brandname Sober. Added with the presence and contributions of artists like TelmoMiel, Tim Boin Art and Brandwerk that completes our gallery and collective.


Individually, artists can be considered as egocentric. Just because they all want their name in the spotlight, which is quite logical. But it does bring a certain limitation, in the simple sense that four hands can do more than two. Putting a lid on an ego, makes it possible to connect in various ways.


That is what Sober Collective is about, share the same philosophy. Because of you we can keep on creating. Our main purpose is to bring back the consciousness of creating to the people. Creating is what it’s all about. Without creating there would be no purpose. So keep on creating.

Sober Collective Companies

Artistic Laboratory

Cutting edge technology

We create & Build

Future furniture

Sober Collective Friends

Muralists and Imagemakers

Dutch Hiphop Formation

Create, Inspire & Educate

Atelier Stacii Samidin // Documentary Photography

Sober Collective Instagram