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Stacii Samidin Solo Exhibition





Solo Photo Exhibition
Stacii Samidin
October 28th – December 3rd

About the Exhibition
We are proud to announce that we organized the solo exhibition of Stacii Samidin (the winner of Kracht van Rotterdam 2016) at our gallery on Friday, October 28th. After various exhibitions outside Rotterdam’s borders, it was about time that the talented and inspirational photographer found the perfect spot to share the work in his own city.
Stacii also visited Nairobi in Kenya where he lived for a while and spent his time capturing daily lives of gangs and other subcultures with his camera. In this solo exhibition Stacii will be sharing various series of his work.

Stacii Samidin

At eighteen, as a radical boy, Stacii became the subject of a documentary photographer. For Stacii a new world was exposed. The photographer apprenticed him to a documentary photographer. In his life work societies Stacii focuses on group identities. He uses analog photography to emphasize the sincerity and rawness of his work and his subjects.

Available Works