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Sober Collective presents:
Kaili Smith Solo Exhibition ‘Reflection
of our Times I’
24th – July 2nd

Past Exhibitions


    • “Het gaat erom dat je het hebt gedaan, in plaats van dat het er staat. De foto is bewijs genoeg.” 

    • “Showing mural and gallery works by Sebas Velasco, Vesod, Bier&Brood and Kaili Smith, the event produced two new walls in Europe’s largest port city, including this great collaboration between Sebas Velasco and local heroes, Telmo Miel.”

    • ” The ‘Sober Street Art Exhibition’ can be visited for six weeks at the gallery of Sober Collective”

    • In Rotterdam, The Sober Collective Presents the Very Best of their Street Art.”

    • “The goal of Sober Collective is to bring the best Street Artists to Rotterdam and make sure that Rotterdam will have great murals.”

    • “The Sober Street Art Exhibition launches March 17 with a dazzling show by no one less than the Spanish Sebas Velasco”

    • An instant before” mural sees Italian street artist Vesod continue to explore the dimensionality through geometric forms paired with figurative elements.

  • Sober collective has invited Sebas Velasco and artist duo Telmo Miel to participate in their newest event titled Sober Walls. The result of this fruitful collaboration is an outstanding mural entitled “Hit the Lights.

“Sober Industries creates one-off visual branding experiences for business events, festivals and trade shows, with an impressive list of clients including Converse, H&M, MTV and Disney”


“Unnatural Borders by Sober Industries – which is part of Quays Culture showcase of art – explores human civilization and the animal kingdom”




“While plain white during the day, the 4m (13ft) high sculptures are being illuminated during nightime clashing with the surrounding skyline and accenting the message of the project”